Sure, it might be a bit challenging to get the pronunciation right, but by omitting the "EJ," you're left with "Dan," and I can live with that. 
I grew up in southern Serbia, in a small village near Leskovac, since 2004 working and living in one of the biggest cities in the world: Chicago. From a young age, my heart has been drawn to the world of arts, captivated by the awe-inspiring scenes and landscapes of nature. Photography and graphic design have been my passions since childhood, weaving into the fabric of my creative pursuits.​​​​​​​

Photography, both as a hobby and the core of my professional pursuits, has evolved into my greatest passion. As time gradually erases fragments of our past, nothing brings me greater joy than capturing fleeting moments through a lens and preserving them, whether in a frame or a digital private collection. Nature, along with everything connected to it, is a gift from Planet Earth, and I approach it with the utmost mindfulness and respect when I'm behind the camera. However, I'm not confined to nature alone and can photograph a diverse array of subjects. Click on the banner below to witness the evidence of this artistic versatility.
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​​​​​​​Leskovac i okolina kroz istoriju u slikama - Dopunjeno izdanje
Moj zavicaj Leskovac nekad i sad
published January 2022  by Dejan Jovanovic
Prvo izdanje knjige Leskovac juce, danas, sutra pojavilo se pre destak godina, konacno, svako poglavlje i ideja ove knjige upotpunjena opsirnijom pricom i mnogobrojnim slikama u novom izdanju pod naslovom "Moj zavicaj Leskovac nekad i sad".
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​​​​​​​Leskovac Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Leskovac throughout history in pictures
published July, 2013  by Amazon

"Through the pictures, this book illustrates the evolution of the city of Leskovac in southern Serbia across time and history, portraying its present-day appearance. Despite Leskovac's rich history, there is much more to explore beyond its past. Known for its distinctive dialect, the Leskovac Grill Festival, and the Leskovac Summer Festival, as well as its touristic sites, encompassing mountains and other natural wonders, Leskovac's charm often goes unnoticed beyond the borders of Serbia.
Nestled in a vast valley surrounded by picturesque mountains, the city is adorned with monasteries dating back five centuries, the Sijarinska Spa, Motel Predejane, and archaeological sites such as Justiniana Prima near Lebane, Skobaljic Town near Vucje, Ethno-archaeological park on Hisar, Gradac near Zlokucane, Nekropol in Mala Kopasnica, and the enchanting Vlasina Lake, among others.
Leskovac holds the potential to be an enticing tourist destination for people worldwide. This edition of the book serves as the first step in showcasing Leskovac's historical roots and its vibrant present."